Baby Bottle Nipples – What Size to Choose?

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Baby bottle nipples

– Choosing the right size!

Choosing the right size baby bottle nipples is very important for a happy baby and a blissful mum and dad. The sizes of baby bottle nipples, also known as teats, are made specifically to correspond to the needs of babies – from the time they were born until they reach the toddler stage. It is important to choose the right size of teats for your little ones as it could have an effect on their nourishment, as well as how they enjoy their feed!

As you may now have known, baby bottle nipples come in different sizes to accommodate your baby’s changing needs. A younger bottle feeder may need a small nipple size as bubs mouth is still very small, and his ability to suck is weak. As your baby grows, his or her feeding demand increases. Because of this, they will need nipples of larger sizes/faster flows. If the hole of a bottle nipple is too big, your baby may swallow incorrectly or take in too much air into bubs stomach. This may induce hiccups or gas, and in the case of a colicky baby, worsen colic symptoms. On the other hand, holes that are too small will tire them out, and may make them lose interest before he or she gets enough of the essential nutrients needed by the body for growth.

Different Sizes of baby Bottle Nipples

Bottle nipples come in different sizes for different ages but it is not always necessary to follow this system. Choosing a nipple size is can be done through a process of elimination. You must observe your baby to determine which nipple size is the most suitable for them. If you see baby gag while feeding, it must be too big. If they are straining to drink from the bottle, it is too small. Bottle nipple sizes come in three different types: slow, medium and fast. Cherub Baby makes available a variety of nipple sizes are available for all babies:

•    Slow  –  the Wide Neck Slow Flow Baby Teats
•    Medium – Wide Neck Medium Flow Baby
•    Fast – Wide Neck Fast Flow Baby Teats

If you’re shopping for baby bottle nipples, it is best to keep these things in mind:

  • Purchase only one or two of a single type because your baby may outgrow it quickly. They may not even like it at all.
  • Choose a bisphenol-a (BPA) free material like silicone.
  • Choose nipples that are of standard size – so they can fit major brand standard neck bottles. You can also choose wide neck nipples if you plan on feeding from wide neck bottles. The nipples should be interchangeable and fit all major brand bottles like the Cherub Baby teats.
  • Be sure to buy teats that have been designed to mimic a real teat and provides for baby’s natural feeding movements so he can have a more enjoyable time when being bottle fed. The peristaltic design of the Cherub Baby teat is ergonomically designed with this in mind.
  • Finally, make sure that you have sterilised the nipples properly before using them. For easy sterilising, you can use the Natristeam Microwave Bottle Steriliser.

Whatever type of bottle nipple you decide on using, you must not forget to check them periodically for signs of wear and tear. Any discoloration or thinning signifies the need for a new nipple. You must always keep them in a new condition lest they break and become a choking hazard.

In the end, however, we can only recommend which nipple to use; the final decision is still in your baby’s hands – or mouth for that matter.

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