I love making my own baby food so these pouches were a great find. They make portioning and storing baby meals so convenient. They can be stored in the fridge or the freezer. Plus they can be warmed in the microwave and used to serve straight to baby – no extra pots so less washing up! Best of all they are reusable so I feel like I’m doing my bit for the planet.

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glass bottles

Super quick delivery and good, solid products. We purchased our pack 6 weeks before our first Bub comes along so I can’t speak to how they perform just yet, but I washed them all and they feel very sturdy and strong and I’m very happy knowing I won’t be pumping millions of micro plastic particles into my child each time we feed them. Only a month to go and I’m looking forward to putting them to the test with the little one!

James Honey /

Why I chose cherub baby because this material is very safe and safe for children. I searched a lot of materials before choosing this. You need to be careful when choosing the things your children enter. This material is non-toxic and can be sterilized by high temperature. A protective cover will not break, a cup can be used for a long time, I also bought two cups, I bought a few replacement straws and training pacifiers, a cup is very useful, it is worth starting, the key is safety

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The New additions

food pouch spout

Silicone Food Pouch Soft Spouts

Prevent spills, control flow and protect little mouths against sharp edges with these super soft silicone food pouch spouts.

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Glass Baby Bottle starter kit

Glass Baby Bottles Starter Kit in Gift Suitcase

Our NEW model Glass Bottle Starter Kits now come in a beautiful premium gift box, perfect for a newborn or baby shower gift.

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milk bag adaptors

Breast Milk Bag Adaptors

Save time and precious liquid gold by direct pumping from your breast pump directly into Cherub Baby Breast Milk Bags by attaching these handy breast milk bag adaptors.

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Breastmilk starter bundle kit

ThermoSensor Re-usable Breast Milk Storage Bag Starter Kit

Our favourite breast feeding products have teamed up together to offer their services to you in this amazing bundle pack.

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