What is BPA?

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What is BPA?

BPA has been on people’s minds since the late 2000s when it was discovered to pose a possible health risk. So what is BPA?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, which is a substance found in all polycarbonate products like plastic baby bottles and food containers. BPA can also be sometimes found lining aluminium cans which can often house baby formula. The industrial chemical that makes up Bisphenol-A has been in many plastic products since the 1960s and is widely present in food containers, bottles, and in some cases, plastic toys.

So what is bad about BPA?

The most common risk of products containing BPA is usually when it seeps through the food and body when exposed to heat such as microwave. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also found in its studies that ingesting BPA-containing food can cause some damage to brain development, behaviour, and prostate glands of foetuses, infants, and children. Because of this study, many plastic bottle and food container manufacturers have developed BPA-free products to address the health issues brought about by the concern around this chemical.

BPA free products:

Even though studies are still ongoing and non-conclusive, many mothers have already switched gears and re-stocked their cupboards with BPA-free bottles and containers. Some new mothers have even gone the distance of being absolutely safe by switching to glass baby bottles when feeding their infants and toddlers, which are probably the best BPA-free baby bottles available in the market today. Cherub Baby Glass Bottles, which are shock and temperature resistant, are some of the best choices when raising a BPA-free baby or toddler. They also come in sizes of 150ml and 240ml to fit your baby’s appetite and feeding needs. Included in every bottle are BPA-free silicon sleeves that come in very funky colours. The Cherub Baby glass bottles also have a variation of teats to choose from. Each teat has their own variations of fast, medium, and slow flows to better accommodate your baby’s feeding preference and speed.

Another new trend in feeding your toddler using BPA free containers is using baby pouches to store semi-solid food. Cherub Baby’s food pouches are multi-awarded PVC and BPA-free plastic containers, which are flexible, re-sealable, and microwave- and heat-safe.  Cleaning these BPA-free food containers is as simple as washing them in soapy water and sticking them in a steam sterilizer after. You can also purchase the matching Food Pouch Spoon that changes colour according to the temperature of the baby’s food. If the food is to warm for your little one to eat, the spoon will turn transparent to indicate that the food is too hot for feeding.

Another innovative BPA-free product that you can consider, while allowing your baby to explore the new feeling of solid food, is Cherub Baby’s Fresh Food Feeder. All you need to do is stuff the pouch with a fresh fruit or vegetable and your baby can explore sucking or biting on the piece of food without the risk of choking Because of the net that holds the food, it allows your baby to fully experience the taste of the food without any risk. The Fresh Food Feeder also has a BPA-free cap that keeps the food clean and fresh, ideal for bringing the Feeder along as a snack for your little tot to feed on at any time of the day, even when on the go.

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