What to Buy for Baby – Checklist Part 2

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The Baby Checklist:

After the success of our first article, ‘The Baby Checklist Part 1‘ we decided to give you more!

We continue our newborn baby checklist today with part 2 of what every mum needs to buy for baby….

The Nursery Essentials

A baby bassinet or Moses basket on a stand is perfect for when baby first comes home and you want to have him or her sleep in your bedroom. These bassinets are usually lightweight and more portable than a cot. They are perfect in those first few weeks if you don’t want a large cot in your bedroom.

A cot is one of the key pieces in your nursery. You can choose one that you like the look of. But make sure that it meets Australian safety standards, and that can grow with your baby from newborn through to toddler. Some even convert into beds for your child to use up until school age.

As your baby gets more visitors there will be more stuffed toys, books, rattlers and other baby gifts you can think of.  A chest, drawers, or bookshelf might be a good solution. This will give you a place to store them away, making sure your nursery is never cluttered.

Along with your baby’s clothes and sleepwear, wraps are also essential, especially during the first three months. Baby wraps or swaddles keep your baby feeling protected and can help him wake less at night or even calm his crying.

Baby monitors are great for parents to have a moment to themselves. Perhaps when in the shower or cooking dinner. Baby monitors come in varying shapes and sizes from cheaper audio ones to fully digital monitors with screens and temperature sensors.

newborn baby checklist

Traveling with Newborn Essentials

Traveling with a baby in tow may be a bit of a challenge. But it isn’t as hard as you think—especially with the right equipment.

A pram would be the first thing on my list when traveling with a baby.  Not only will it be easier to transport your baby and his nappy bag when you’re on the move, some also double as a portable capsule when visiting.

Nappy bags are not only great for carrying those extra diapers, but they also keep your baby feeding essentials.  Speaking of baby essentials, travel bottle warmers are a smart way to warm baby’s milk, particularly during long travel times.

A safe car seat or capsule is essential for traveling with your newborn baby. Make sure your car seat is fitted by a professional, and just like your cot, should meet all Australian safety standards. There are many car seat options available out there, but the ones that double as a carrier are the most practical particularly for travel.

Travel Cots are another nice essential if you plan on staying overnight with family or friends who may live farther away. Almost all cots today can be completely disassembled and come with a carry bag as big as a Pilates mat.

Newborn Play Essentials

A play mat with a rocker or bouncer is a good combination for that spot you set aside for when it’s playtime. It’s not only cute to watch your baby bounce around in a rocker as his legs kick out when he gets excited. But it’s also a safe place to set your baby during playtime. Play mats are soft and usually made of soft cotton. They create a perfect place for your baby to lie down while you play with him. Perhaps you can place a mobile overhead to provide stimulating playtime.

While you’re out shopping for these items, it is normal to want to buy everything for your newborn baby. But as long as you have these bare essentials covered, you are ready for your little one. You can just buy the extras as the need comes along.

Use this baby checklist to get your shopping started and CONGRATULATIONS on your impending arrival!

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