‘Click n Go’ Travel Baby Bottle Warmer


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Wondering how to keep your baby happy and well fed while travelling or out and about?

The ‘Click n Go’ Travel Baby Bottle Warmer is the perfect baby milk bottle or food pouch heater that is portable, re-usable and heats instantly.  But don’t just take our word for it, as it was voted best portable bottle warmer in the My Child Awards by Mums in the know!

The ‘Click n Go’ portable travel baby bottle warmer fits most major brands of baby bottles, food jars and pouches. Furthermore, the supplied insulated travel pouch can be used anywhere! Once fully charged you can keep in your car, or take out with the baby. You can also keep it handy for emergency situations where you need heat in an instant.

The gel pack can be ‘recharged’ in just 10 minutes to be used again for the next feed. In addition, the portable baby bottle warmer is specifically designed not to heat up too high so you don’t have to worry about burning either yourself or your baby!

You can take the warmer on domestic flights and generally on international flights when claimed as an essential baby item required to feed your baby.