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Breast Milk Storage Bags

Pre-sterilised breast milk storage bags for fridge or freezer!
Cherub Baby breast milk storage bags are a must-buy for every parent looking for an easy solution to store, freeze, warm and serve milk inside a leakproof container. Each breastmilk bag can be re-used, avoiding the need to buy large volumes of disposable breastmilk bags and containers that create unnecessary waste. Each is made from 100% BPA Free plastic that is pre-sterilised in the box so you can start using the breast milk bags straight away after you buy them.
With Ziplock technology the breast milk containers are leak proof and can be frozen, defrosted and sterilised again and again. Our breast milk storage bags allow you to express and store breast milk at your convenience, meaning dad can feed with breast milk and baby never has to go without the natural goodness of antibodies and vitamins in Mum’s breast milk.
Our Thermosensor breast milk bags come with a clever indicator that lets you know when the milk is defrosted so you can spend more time with baby.


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