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If you want your FREE baby samples quickly all you need to do is purchase Cherub Baby spoons or spouts from Chemist Warehouse then complete the redemption form here. *Limited time only!

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The free baby samples include samples of our hugely popular baby food pouches, popscicle ice block pouches and breast milk storage bags. If you live in Australia please complete the form below to redeem your free sample pack. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Cherub Baby Sample Packs and limited sample stock we have to cap the number of sample packs we send out each month. Unfortunately not everyone who registers will receive a sample pack in the post.  We still try to send out as many as we possibly can and hope we can reach you all!

Please note: We send out sample packs at the end of each calendar month so please allow enough time for your sample pack to arrive before contacting us, especially if you are registering at the beginning of the month. At this time we can’t send sample packs outside of Australia. Only one sample pack will be sent per household, per customer, per address and per email address. Entries will only be deemed eligible to receive a sample pack should all fields below be completed accurately and correctly.

    Thank You your sample pack will arrive soon.*

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    Table of contents

    In this eBook you will find all you need to know about starting your baby on solids, food safety and homemade baby food!

    • Starting baby on solids
    • Introducing solids
    • What and when?
    • Self-Feeding Skills in Babies
    • Food Allergies and Babies
    • Useful Tips
    • FAQ’s

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