Baby Food Blender vs Food Processor

baby food blender

Most of us have limited counter top space in our kitchen, and the number of appliances out there can be quite overwhelming. So do you really need a baby food blender plus a food processor to make homemade baby food?

The Essential Tools of Home-made Baby Food

Before you rush out to buy a baby food blender or food processor, check and see what you already have in your kitchen. Often we can make do with the basics. But if you really need to go shopping then the following are the essential tools:

A Steamer

baby food blenderYour first step to making homemade baby food is to cook your vegetables and some fruits. A steamer is a really convenient way to do this. Steaming is the best method of cooking for preserving all those nutrients found in fresh veggies. Steaming is fast and efficient, plus the remaining water can be used to thin your purees to your preferred texture.


baby food blenderBlenders are one of the most common kitchen appliances and don’t take up too much space. They are ideal for turning soft cooked vegetables into healthy baby purees. Their single blade is ideal for crushing ice and turning fruit into amazing smoothies. A blender is limited to making smoothies, purees or soups.

Food Processor

baby food blenderA food processor is a real multitasking machine. The variety of attachments mean that it can chop, dice, slice, shred and even puree a variety of raw vegetables and foodstuffs. While a processor may take some time to make your baby’s puree really smooth, they are ideal for making different textures as your baby gets older.

How can mums save time and space?

baby food blenderWhat if you can do everything with one appliance? The Cherub Baby Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit will steam, cook and blend your food as well as sterilise your bottles and accessories. With an LCD screen, our baby food steamer and blender gives you maximum control over how you prepare your baby’s food. And all in one place, without having to use any separate appliances or equipment.

The baby food preparation unit is designed to cook your baby’s food in the healthiest way possible, preserving all the natural vitamins and nutrients. Plus the powerful baby food blender and processor will puree steamed fruit and vegetables in seconds,

Our baby food steamer and blender is suitable for preparing a variety of steamed vegetables, or for blending fresh fruits Check out some easy and delicious recipes here.

Is it secure to steam your baby’s food in a microwave?

A microwave has become one of the biggest time-saving devices in the kitchen, but not without some controversy. There are questions about the safety of microwaves. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines then there’s nothing wrong with using a microwave to steam your baby’s food.

Always use a microwave-safe container, cover with a lid and beware of hotspots that could burn your baby’s mouth. Food cooks unevenly in a microwave so always make sure you stir the food through to distribute the heat evenly. After the food has cooked through and has been blended, make sure to leave it to cool to a baby-ready temperature.

So which is best for you?

So now you may be wondering which method is best for you; the blender, the food processor or a Steamer Blender? This is completely up to you…  and maybe you already have a blender or a food processor? At the end of the day your budget, food preparation preferences, storage and most importantly, your time will be the deciding factors.


Remember that one of the factors to take into account when you buy all the tools you need to prepare your baby’s food, is the size of them. Cleaning so many utensils can be delayed and not having space to store them can complicate your day to day.

Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light on how to chose your homemade baby food preparation tools.

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