My toddler won’t talk!

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“My toddler mumbles a lot, but only speaks a few words I can understand and very rarely. I know that all kids develop at different rates and my pedi is not worried, but I can see that he doesn’t talk as much as other kids his age. Are there any other parents of reluctant talkers out there who have any advice on how to encourage him to talk? Or just advice to help me cope?”


Anne F.

Do you have simple word books you read together? Or do you say the names of things when doing stuff?
That had having the radio on quietly is something I have done with my girl who is now nearly 7 and has a fairly good verbal vocabulary

Amie L.

Depends what age your toddler is?
My 3rd son will be 4 in may and he only said a few words until he was 2 and a half. And wasn’t until he was three we could have a conversation with him, now you can’t shut him up ?although when he talks too fast he just muddles up his words and I have to tell him to slow down.
If your dr isn’t worried I wouldn’t worry too much. You can ask to have his hearing checked though to make sure there’s nothing going on or even get a second opinion if you’re really worried.

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