The organic baby food hack that cuts your bill in half

organic baby food

How this Mum cut her organic baby food bill in half

Frustrated by pre-packaged supermarket “organic” diluted baby food pouches? For example, most contain water as a first or second ingredient to bulk out weight of the item. Natasha Ricardo, a frustrated mum of 2 boys, went to work. She investigated how she could give her toddlers nutrition filled organic food at the same price or less than the supermarket pouches. Natasha soon found a great solution – Cherub Baby re-usable baby food pouches.

“Firstly organic vegetables are usually not cheap. But sourcing them from my local grocer instead of Coles or Woolies and using the Cherub Baby Steamer Blender to make my own baby food led me to producing 100% organic meals for my kids that are much cheaper than the supermarket pre-packaged ones and are not bulked up with water.  I made one weeks worth of food for my kids using easy to make 20 minute recipes”.

organic baby food

Natasha’s advice:

Natasha turned to Cherub Baby’s food pouch range as an easy solution to portion the meals out into pouches just like they are the supermarket.

“When I read that Cherub Baby’s pouches are both BPA and BPS free and re-usable I was sold. At under $10 for a 10 pack, I have already re-used  the pouches 10 times each, so each pouch use has only cost me 10c. Add on the cost of the food inside and I’m averaging $0.63 per pouch for pure organic baby food meals”

Natasha was also pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to clean.  She just pops them in the dishwasher when doing a family load. Otherwise she just washes them in warm soapy water with a bottle brush. “They work and look exactly like the supermarket pouches. Plus Cherub Baby have these cool spoons and spouts that you connect to the end of the pouch so you can feed baby directly from the pouch!

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