Reusable Food Pouches Are Not Just for Baby Food

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Reusable Food Pouches

– What can you use them for?

Many mums today admit that aside from storing baby food, reusable food pouches have many unconventional uses. Mums would portion off snacks like chips and nuts, servings of fruit and yoghurt and even storing bolts and nuts in the garage for dad’s use. Organizing messy food and other stuff have never been this easy with the use of these plastic reusable pouches. Cherub Baby’s On the Go reusable food pouches always do the trick in storing away not just baby food but a whole lot of things. Here’s a rundown of our favourite uses for reusable pouches other than baby food:


Chips, nuts, chocolates, candies, crackers and other snack items can easily be stored in reusable food pouches. Jenny, a mother of two boys from Sydney, says portioning off snacks for eating in school or on family trips lessen the mess of passing around a bag of potato chips in the car. Mums can also label which snack is for their son or daughter as they can label them easily. It becomes really helpful when the son or daughter has allergies to certain food items as mums can leave out these snack items.


In a canoeing trip or in a family picnic, fresh yoghurt mixed with berries and other fruits are a refreshing and healthy treat. Placing them inside reusable food pouches makes it an organized and hygienic way of preparing and serving food. With the On The Go Baby Food Pouches from Cherub baby, simply store the yoghurt overnight in the fridge and pack them for travel or picnic the following day.

Fruits and vegetables

Placing sliced fruits and vegetables and salad greens inside reusable food pouches helps to organize the fridge and also aids in serving healthy and nutritious snacks and meals easily. Sally, a mother of two from Canberra, shares she would slice carrots, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables for her salads for easy packing. As a working mum, she says that aside from storing baby food, snacks for the mums can also be placed inside these wonderful reusable food pouches.

Soap and Toiletries

Whenever she’s travelling, Charlotte a mum of three girls from Perth says packing things has never been this easy. But with the reusable food pouches, toiletries and bathroom essentials such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other items can easily be stored in food pouches thereafter saving important space inside the luggage. An added bonus is that the reusable food pouches are very light, yet made of tough plastic. The reusable food pouches are also waterproof so it’s safe to bring around in the bathroom, the beach or the swimming pool.

Bolts and Nuts

While reusable food pouches are often used by mums, Desiree of Alice Springs, shares her husband sneaks out a few reusable food pouches that have been reused several times for his carpentry station. There, she would discover that her husband would place bolts, nuts, screws, nails and other carpentry supplies for organizing. The food pouches are also easily labeled making it easy to find when doing housework.

Office and Art Supplies

Paper clips, fasteners, push pins and other items used in the office are cleverly stored in reusable food pouches. As an environmental advocate, Rina from Sydney shares how she would use worn out reusable food pouches that she has reused for more than a year and finding a place for them in her office. She says when the food pouches are worn out, many mums would throw away the pouches but she suggests reusing them again in storing non-food items such as office supplies. She would also store stray crayons, pencils, colouring materials for her young daughter.

Dips and Sauces

As a chef in a popular restaurant, former stay-at-home mum Cassie says that she uses reusable food pouches to store extra sauces, dips and salad dressings. After her daughter stopped eating baby food and transitioned into solid food, she says she found other uses for the reusable baby food pouches. She would place dips, sauces, icings, doughs and other food items she can whip in her kitchen. When she started baking, she would place surplus creams, icings, frostings and baking decorations.

First Aid Kit

A durable see-through plastic bag, reusable food pouches can also store emergency items such as bandages and plasters, burn ointment, antiseptic and their important medicines in a first aid kit, As the pouch can fit your everyday bag, the first aid kit placed inside the reusable food pouches can be brought along to family trips and outdoor activities.

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