ThermoSensor Re-usable Breast Milk Storage Bags 40 pack


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These are not just another breast milk bag, they are an innovative and clever buy. Cherub Baby Thermo Sensor breast milk storage bags not only allow you to store your milk in a 100% BPA free breast milk bag, but the colour change key on the milk bag tells you when your breast milk is at the correct temperature to serve. Each breast milk container is pre-sterilised and has heat treated seams, ensuring maximum hygiene. The leak proof zip lock ensures that every breast milk storage container is fully reusable and resealable. Each breast milk storage bag also includes an easy-to-read measuring scale and labelling area to make your life just that bit easier. Your breast milk is precious, so buy the milk container you know you can trust!

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reusable breast milk storage bags
ThermoSensor Re-usable Breast Milk Storage Bags 40 pack
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