Portable Baby Bottle Warmer with USB Booster Cable


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Wondering how to keep your baby happy and well fed while travelling or out and about? Our Portable Baby Bottle Warmer is the perfect travel solution to heat and keep your baby’s bottle warm.

The Cherub Baby Portable Bottle Warmer is a compact and convenient in-car bottle warmer for busy parents on the move. The 360° cocoon wrap band combined with the Natritherm heatcelltm technology ensures your baby bottle will warm faster than any other car bottle warmer on the market.

Use it with the USB Booster Cable and warm a baby bottle up to 6 times using a 10,000mAh power bank or 12 times using a 20,000mAh power bank off one charge! In addition, the USB cable makes it perfect for heating bottles on the plane without having to ask for assistance.

Now you can warm breast milk, formula, or baby food wherever, whenever!