Breast Milk Storage Bags 50 pack 250ml | Carbon Neutral Single Use


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Busy? Tired? Rundown? Let me guess…. you are a breastfeeding Mum looking for the time-saving convenience of a disposable milk bag without the guilt of harming the planet? Look no further!

When you purchase a pack of these breast milk bags you can smile knowing that yeah it’s plastic…but it’s plastic with a plan. Firstly we’re offsetting the carbon emission of the production and transport of this product through Greenfleet Australia. Secondly we are donating 10c from every pack sold to WWF’ s ‘Don’t Let Nature Go To Waste’ campaign to reduce plastics from flowing into waterways and oceans and help create the largest net-free haven for dugongs, dolphins and turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. Thirdly we are encouraging, make that begging you…please don’t throw these bags in your general rubbish bin. Both the packaging and product can be recycled and transformed into other products like outdoor tables, fencing, decking and so much more (recycling details inside the pack)!

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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