Baby’s First Pear Puree- Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Pear Puree

Pear puree is a perfect first food for baby as it is easy to prepare, digest and full of nutrients!

Homemade Baby Food Recipe
Homemade Baby Food RecipeHomemade baby food recipe:

Homemade Baby Food Recipe Prep time: 6 mins

Homemade Baby Food Recipe cook time: 5 mins

Homemade Baby Food Recipe makes: Approx. 5 serves (regular reusable baby food pouches) 7 serves (mini reusable food pouches)

Homemade Baby Food Recipe best for: 6m+ (not before 4 months)

  • 4 x med-large pears

  • 1/2 x cup of water

quick method:
  1. Peal and cut the pears into small cubes

  2. Use steaming function to steam for 5 minutes/ until tender

  3. Take out the baskets and remove the water (keep to the side)

  4. Pour the pears back into the jug and blend, adding small amounts of water until the desired consistency is met (smooth for younger babies)

  5. Portion into reusable food pouches

  6. Serve with a food pouch spoon!

Nutritional content:

Pears are high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Fiber is great for healthy bowel movements, aid in reducing the risk of cancer and heart attacks and sustain healthy cholesterol levels. Gentle on the tummy and can help with constipation and gastric reflux. They are also among the least allergenic fruits!


Smooth cooked pear is recommended by the Australian Department of Health as a first solid food. Babies are recommended to start on solids around 6 months and not before 4 months. Make sure your baby is showing signs they are ready for solids and that you introduce one food at a time initially, after that you are welcome to mix other fruits or veggies with this recipe!

Extra Notes:
  • This is a recipe to make bulk servings based on a 1 x full jug of our baby food maker, alter the quantity to suit your serving needs.

  • This process is detailed using our baby food processor and re-usable food pouches, you can of course alter to your preferred method for steaming/blending and storing (note: make sure you steam rather than boil to retain the nutrients!)

 Step by step process:

1.  Peal the pears (after 8 months peeling is optional, the skin has lots of nutrients so it is recommended to leave it on after this time!)

2.  Cut into small cubes (approx. 2cmx2cm)

3. Fill the water chamber with water, make sure you don’t go over the max (pre boiled water is recommended to decrease the need to descale)

4.  Pour the cubes into the large basket, it won’t all fit so pour the rest into the smaller basket and place on top, twisting into place.

5.  Turn the steamer blender on. Set the steaming function for for 5 minutes or until tender (this will depend on the size of your chunks/amount)

*Please note that after your baby is 8 months plus steaming is optional as a ripe pear is soft and watery – it is recommended prior to 8 months to help break down sugars and fibers

6.  Take the baskets out and pour the water that has gathered at the bottom into a separate dish (don’t throw it away – it is full of nutrients! We will use it in a minute).  Pour the pear chunks into the jug on top of the blade. As we are blending a whole jug, place the grey cover on before the lid (use this whenever you are blending more than the max shown on the jug to prevent food from going into the water chamber).

7.  Set to the blending function and begin blending, add the left over water and any extra as necessary to achieve your desired consistency (for young babies puree should be smooth).

baby apple puree recipe - baby apple puree

8.  Depending on the constancy, pour or spoon into your reusable food pouches.

baby apple puree recipe - baby apple puree

9.  Safe to freeze for up to 6 months or refrigerate for up to 72 hours. (Although it is said to freeze for 1-3 months/ refrigerate up to 48 hours is more prudent).

baby apple puree recipe - baby apple puree

10.  Serve straight from your pouch using a food pouch spoon!

baby food pouch spoon

That’s it!  

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2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Pear Puree- Homemade Baby Food Recipe

  1. Stephanie Hoyt says:

    Your recipe is too good for the baby. But I want to know from you. Which ages baby are eating this food? My baby now 8-month-old is he take this? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Loujheim Manzo says:

      HI Stephanie,
      Thank you for your query. The pear puree is best for 6 month old babies and older.
      Kind regards,

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