Pear, Banana & Strawberry Puree

A perfect combination for when you are ready to start mixing foods! Full of nutrients and naturally sweet – a summer recipe your baby will love it! Offer it to toddlers and older kids as a smoothie or mixed with oats to add some healthy sweetness to their for breaky!

Homemade Baby Food Recipe
Homemade baby food recipe:

 Prep time: 8 mins

 cook time: 7 mins

 makes: Approx. 5 serves (baby food pouches) 7 serves (mini food pouches)

 best for: 6m+

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  • 2 x bananas

  • 1 cup strawberries

  • 1 x large pear

  • 1/2 x cup of water

quick method:
  1. Peal the pear and bananas and cut into small chunks, wash the strawberries and cut into small chunks
  2. Using a baby food steamer blender, use the steaming function to steam strawberries for two minutes, then add the pear and steam for another 5/ until tender
  3. Take out the baskets and remove the water (keep to the side)
  4. Pour the fruit back in to the jug, add the banana and blend, adding small amounts of the left over water until the desired consistency is met (smooth for younger babies)
  5. Portion into reusable food pouches
  6. Serve with a food pouch spoon!
Nutritional content:


Pears are high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Fiber is great for healthy bowel movements, aid in reducing the risk of cancer and heart attacks and sustain healthy cholesterol levels. Gentle on the tummy and can help with constipation and gastric reflux. They are also among the least allergenic fruits!


Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamins B6, C and B2, contain calcium, and iron and no cholesterol or sodium!


Strawberries are rich in vitamin  C, B and K , plant phenols (antioxidants) which help protect against cancer and dietary fibers which aid in digestion and support healthy bowels.

When can I introduce these?

Banana and pear can be introduced as early as 4 months (not before),  the Australian Department of Health recommends around 6 months as the ideal age to start a baby on solids. Strawberries can be part of a healthy diet from when your baby begins to eat solid food, however if you have a history of food allergies or asthma speak to your doctor first. It is also a good idea to introduce each food individually with a few days in between to help identify any reactions or intolerances, read more about food allergy in babies here

To find out more about starting your baby out on solids safely read our articles here.

Extra Notes:

 Step by step process:

1.  Peal the pears and bananas, wash the strawberries and cut all into small chunks. 

Please note: (after 8 months peeling is optional (pears, apples etc), the peel is full of nutrients so we recommend leaving it on)

2.  Fill the water chamber with water, make sure you don’t go over the max (pre boiled water is recommended to decrease the need to descale)

3. Pour the strawberries into the large basket and click the lid into place

4.  Turn the unit on and click the steaming function, set for 2 minutes and press play.

5. Add in the pear chunks and steam for another 5 minutes or until tender.

*please note that after your baby is 8 months plus steaming pear is optional as a ripe pear is soft and watery – it is recommended prior to 8 months to help break down sugars and fibers

6. Take the baskets out (carefully – that steam is hot!) and pour the water that has gathered at the bottom into a separate dish (don’t throw it out! It is full of nutrients, we will use it in a minute).  Pour the fruit back into the jug and add the banana.

6.  As we are blending a whole jug, place the grey cover on before the lid (use this whenever you are blending more than the max shown on the jug to prevent food from going into the water chamber).

7.  Set to the blending function and begin blending, add the left over water and any extra as needed to achieve your desired consistency (for young babies puree should be smooth).

8.  Depending on the constancy, pour or spoon into your reusable food pouches.

9.  Safe to freeze for 3-6 months or refrigerate for 48- 72 hours. (Although to freeze for 1-3 months/ refrigerate up to 48 hours is more prudent).

10.  Serve straight from your pouch using a food pouch spoon!

That’s it!  


  • Add cereal to thicken up the puree
  • Add cooked oats and or natural yogurt for an older baby/toddler

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