My baby won’t eat vegetables!


“My bub won’t eat veggies. I have tried disguising them in soups and pasta sauces, mashing them up etc and it will work the first few times but then she figures it out and refuses to eat them! I know this is a common problem but I am starting to worry! I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips that worked for their baby?”


Kerryn H.

If you offer fruit (so sweet foods) in replacement because she won’t eat vegetables. Don’t. Offer something else. For me if my almost 2 year old refuses to eat whats offered the only thing I offer is weetbix.

Katie S.

I’m not sure how old your daughter is and if she can eat raw veggies yet but I have found this works well with my kids. They prefer to eat snow peas, beans and carrot raw or cherry tomatoes. I also find I give them as a snack whilst I’m preparing dinner and then I don’t have the battle with veggies at meal time. Avocado as a spread instead of margarine/butter also works well.
Good luck.

>Elinor F.
>We do this too. Never really worried until they were past 8 – 9 months. Then I had them in the highchair ‘helping’ make dinner and they got a small piece of whatever I was cutting up. It was also a chance to talk about numbers, colours, shapes and names of each vegetable. I still do this now with my 2 year old.

>Kirsty P.
Yep get them when they are hungry and they will nibble without noticing! Also make sure you let them have some foods they can say “I don’t like” to and don’t have to eat because we all need that. Keep trying any and all varieties you can. Oh and peer mentoring – older cousins or friends or even grandmas who will eat something readily can tip them over into eating new things or at least trying them. Eating something you love and saying “you’re not getting of this I am eating it all myself… yum, yum, yum!”

Jennifer P.

I know you’ve tried hiding them in some dishes, but have you tried grating them into those dishes. I grate carrots and zucchinis into pizza sauce, bolognese, pasta bake. Works on miss 2 (and hubby). Also air fry sweet potato

>Jenny B.
We also grate stuff into anything we do with mince – spag bol, chili con carne, burgers even! a friend got me on to grating pumpkin in there, as well as carrot and zucchini. i know people say it’s good to learn to like them, but our lad was down to only eating carrot, so i had to try to sneak some others in!

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