My baby is small for her age. Any advice on how to respond?

My baby is small for her age


“My baby is small for her age. She is 12 month old and our pediatrician says she’s fine and healthy, and that I shouldn’t worry about it. Which is comforting, except everyone keeps commenting on how small she is and how their child is twice her size. This is family, friends, strangers – everyone! It makes me uncomfortable and stresses me out. Does anyone have any advice on how to respond?”


Jess C.

I don’t have any advice as such, but I have the same problem. My daughter will be 2 in a few months and is constantly referred to as a baby by other parents when clearly she’s an active little toddler. Just try to remember there’s lots of us with small children and as long as they’re happy and healthy then nothing else matters!

Ann-Louise B.

My daughter is the same and she’ll be 2 soon. Tell them every child is different. If the pediatrician says bub is happy and healthy then that’s all that matters.

Kate M.

Ignore everyone- if she’s been cleared by the paediatrician I wouldn’t worry, kids come in all sorts of sizes.

Candice B.

Good things come in small packages ? My baby is small too and she is 2.5 yr old, but she makes up for it with her personality ?

TimTam M.

Sounds like you have your very own pocket rocket and you just watch her go!! She’s healthy and has an awesome mum. No worry necessary ?

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