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who is cherub baby?

Cherub Baby is one of Australia’s favorite feeding brands offering safe and innovative products to our valued customers across the world for over 10 years.  Cherub Baby products are borne through a desire to make products for baby safer and easier to use through innovation.  For example, our colour changing glass baby bottles come with a silicone sleeve that includes patented shock absorbing technology to protect against drops and bumps but furthermore the sleeve will change colour (turn white) when the milk in the bottle is too hot to feed baby!

The Cherub Baby glass bottles can be adapted as baby grows.  The bottle can easily turn into a sippy cup and a straw cup with the addition of adaptor packs that can be purchased separately but save you money from needing to buy a whole new cup or bottle as baby grows!

Safety is our number one priority at Cherub Baby which is why our products are made from materials that are free from toxic chemicals including BPA and phthalates and have been tested to meet Australian, USA and European safety standards from German, English and French testing agencies.  With safety in mind we have introduced innovative technology such as colour changing temperature indicators in many of our products such as our breast milk bags, baby food pouch spoons and bottles, ensuring your baby is not burnt or scolded.

A healthy baby is a happy baby, so we have developed our Fresh Food Feeding system to encourage parents to make their own healthy baby food as an alternative to buying processed foods that can have harmful ingredients such as preservatives and added sugars.   The Fresh Food Feeding system is a start to finish solution to making, storing, heating and serving baby home made food. Cook your healthy raw ingredients using the Cherub Baby Steamer Blender which safely maintains the nutrients and vitamins in food whilst steaming and blending it to a consistency your baby will enjoy. Pour the baby food into our re-usable baby food pouches for easy storage either in the fridge or freezer. When ready defrost and warm the pouch with our on the go warming gel pads that wrap around the pouches. Simply click a disc on the pad and it instantly heats up and warms the pouch inside to the correct temperature, making it perfect for when you are out and about!.

Finally when ready to serve your babies food, simply screw on the On the Go Food Pouch Spoon or Food Pouch spout and feed directly from the pouch. No mess, no fuss and its so easy!

No wonder the Cherub Baby range has won over 30 International product awards including Australian Product of the Year (My Child Awards), USA Product of the Year (Creative Child Awards), Germany Kind und Jugend Innovation Awards finalist and so much more (!

Buying Cherub Baby ensures you are buying the best for your baby.

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