Lentil & Squash Puree – Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Homemade Baby Food Recipe

Lentil & Squash Puree

Pumpkin squash and lentil puree is a perfect combination for a jam packed nutritious winter dish!

Homemade Baby Food RecipeHomemade baby food recipe:

Homemade Baby Food Recipe Prep time: 6 mins

Homemade Baby Food Recipe cook time: 20 mins

Homemade Baby Food Recipe makes: Approx. 5 serves (baby food pouches) 7 serves (mini food pouches)

Homemade Baby Food Recipe best for: 8m+

Homemade Baby Food RecipeIngredients:
  • 2 cups squash/pumpkin of your choice (chopped into small cubes)

  • 1/2 cup cooked lentils (dried or canned – your choice!)

  • 1 x medium sized potato

Homemade Baby Food Recipequick method:
  1. Peal the pumpkin and potato and cut into small cubes, cook lentils (your preferred method, more info below)

  2. Steam the potato and squash for 20 mins/ until tender

  3. Take out the baskets and remove the water (keep to the side for later, this is full of nutrients!)

  4. Pour the veggies back in to the jug, add the lentils and blend, adding small amounts of the left over water (plus more as necessary) until the desired consistency is met (smooth for younger babies)

  5. Portion into reusable food pouches, refrigerate or freeze

  6. Serve with a food pouch spoon!

Homemade Baby Food RecipeNutritional content:


Lentils are packed with fiber which is great for promoting digestion and supporting healthy bowel movements. High in protein, they are an inexpensive, healthy, environmentally friendly alternative to animal based proteins. They are also a good source of iron and B vitamins which help the blood move oxygen around the body – vital for development and energy production!


Squash is rich in Vitamin A (important for healthy eyes) and beta-carotene, an andioxidant that converts into vitamin A. It is also a good source of Vitamin C, E, K, B vitamins, potassium and contains fiber,  iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and calcium!


Potato is high in B6, good source of Vitamin C, fiber, contains iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and zinc!

Homemade Baby Food Recipe When can I introduce these?

Pumpkin squash and potato can be introduced as a first food as soon as baby starts on solids. The Australian Department of Health recommends 6 months as the ideal age to start a baby on solids and no earlier than 4 months. They recommend mashed lentils to be introduced from 8 months. Remember all children are different and seek advice from your GP if you are unsure.

Also make sure your baby is showing signs they are ready for solids and also make sure you introduce each food individually to be sure they are not allergic.

To find out more about starting your baby out on solids safely read our articles here.

Homemade Baby Food RecipeExtra Notes:
  • This is a recipe to make bulk servings based on a 1 x full jug of our baby food maker, alter the quantity to suit your serving needs.

  • This process is detailed using our baby food processor and re-usable food pouches, you can of course alter to your preferred method for steaming/blending and storing (note: make sure you steam rather than boil to retain the nutrients!)

Homemade Baby Food Recipe Step by step process:

1. Peal the pumpkin and potato and cut into small cubes, prepare lentils your preferred method  (we just used canned lentils here because they are already pre cooked, be sure to rinse them thoroughly to get rid of the sodium!)

2.  Fill the water chamber with water, make sure you don’t go over the max (pre boiled water is recommended to decrease the need to descale).

3. Pour the squash and potato into the large basket, it won’t all fit so pour the rest into the smaller basket and place on top, twisting into place. (These separate compartments can also be used to separate ingredients!)

4.  Turn the unit on and click the steaming function, steam for 20 mins/until tender

5. Take the baskets out (carefully – that steam is hot!) and pour the water that has gathered at the bottom into a separate dish (don’t throw it away- it is full of nutrients! we will use it in a minute).  Pour the veggies back into the jug, add the lentils.

6.  As we are blending a whole jug, place the grey cover on before the lid (use this whenever you are blending more than the max shown on the jug to prevent food from going into the water chamber)

7.  Set to the blending function and begin blending, add the left over water and any extra as necessary to achieve your desired consistency (for young babies puree should be smooth).

8.  Depending on the constancy, pour or spoon into your reusable food pouches.

9.  Safe to freeze for up to 6 months or refrigerate for up to 72 hours. (Although to freeze for 1-3 months/ refrigerate up to 48 hours is more prudent).

10.  Serve straight from your pouch using a food pouch spoon! .

That’s it!  


  • Serve with natural yogurt for a baby 9m+

  • Add in curry paste or garlic to taste!

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