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General enquiries

Are all Cherub Baby products BPA Free?

Yes all components that come in direct contact with the breast milk, formula or baby food are BPA Free which includes our bottles, teats and breast milk storage bags. When it comes to BPA, it is very important to bear in mind that BPA can only leach into any touching food or liquid when the plastic container containing the food/liquid is heated to high temperatures thus making it unsafe for your baby to consume.

Please note the concern regarding BPA only surrounds the milk/food storage containers as it is only the milk/food containers that come in direct contact with the plastic unit while it is being heated. At no other point can a plastic containing BPA be any harm to your baby at all.

Do Cherub Baby products come with any warranty?

Yes all Cherub Baby products come with 12 month warranty from the date of purchase for your complete peace of mind. The warranty covers mechanical and/or material defects and does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product. We will repair or replace the parts or product without charge for replacement parts or labour at our discretion. Simply contact us to make a warranty claim and we will take care of the rest.

Is Cherub Baby an Australian company? Where are the products manufactured?

Cherub Baby are a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated independent company supplying growing families with baby healthcare products for over 6 years.

Our brand is still growing and at this stage it is not viable for us to manufacture our products domestically however all products in our range are designed to our specifications in Australia and manufactured in Korea, China and Taiwan.

Is Cherub Teat Compatible With Wide Neck Medela?

Yes the Cherub Baby teats are compatible with bottles from most major brands including Medela and Ameda.

Where can I buy Cherub Baby products from?

Our well loved baby feeding products are available for purchase through retail and online stores in Australia and overseas. Visit our ‘Where to buy’ section to find a Cherub Baby retailer near you.

Will Cherub Baby products work with other brand of baby feeding products?

Yes absolutely!
The beauty of Cherub Baby range is that we do not force you to be locked in to buying our products as we know once you try us you will want to come back to us again. Plus if you already have a different brand of product you can still buy from us knowing that it will be compatible.

All our breast pumps come with bottle adaptors so that if you already have stand or wide neck bottles from different brands, they will be compatible with our breast pumps and vice versa.
Likewise with our sterilisers and bottle warmers which are designed to fit bottles from other major brands and our standard and wide neck bottles and teats are compatible with standard and wide neck bottles and teats from most major brands available in the market today.

Click n Go Travel warmer

I have boiled/recharged the gel warmer but it goes solid again. It won’t recharge, why?

The reason the gel warmer returns to a solid state after boiling is because there were still crystals present in the warmer.The gel warmer needs to be boiled for approximately 10 minutes in actively boiling water which should be enough to remove all crystals.If after 10 minutes crystals are present, boil the warmer for a couple more minutes. If you still see crystals, then repeat the boiling process for a couple more minutes and continue this cycle until no crystals at all are present.Please refer to the boiling method on the gel warmer.

My warmer has leaked, why?

The warmer has a thick lining which prevents leaking and also helps against being punctured by sharp objects. To ensure your gel warmer stays intact please be sure to follow the recharge instructions on the gel warmer very carefully: – NEVER microwave the gel warmer without it being fully immersed in water. Please carefully follow the instructions on the warmer itself when microwave recharging and always ensure the gel warmer is immersed in the correct amountof water whenmicrowaved. – DO NOT OVER RECHARGE.Follow the recharge instructions very carefully, if you microwave or boil the gel warmer for an extended period of time beyond what’s stated in the instructions, it may cause it to leak.

USE THE BOIL BAG WHEN BOILING.A cotton boil bag is included in the pack and you should place the gel warmer inside this when boiling it inside a pot of water.

I’ve clicked the disc but the gel warmer isn’t activating.

The metal disc in the warmer has been designed so that it doesn’t activate easily whilst being knocked around in transport. This means it can take several clicks before it activates.Be sure to hold the disc with both thumbs
Also ensure the warmer is cooled down before trying to click it.

Do I have to recharge it immediately after use?

No, you can recharge it at any time. Just wait for it to cool down before recharging.

Can it overheat my bottle?

No, it’s designed to heat a baby bottle to no more than 38 C/ 100 F which is the correct temperature for feeding.

The warmer activated by itself.

If the warmer has been knocked around it may activate itself although this is uncommon.If the warmer hasn’t recharged completely, it may also re-activate by itself. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the warmer is fuly recharged.

If it leaks what should I do?

The gel warmer is made from sodium acetate and water and colouring. These are all non toxic. If a leak occurs let the gel dry out until it looks like salt chunks , then wipe up with a dry towel and/or vacuum it and wash your hands. As sodium acetate is a salt to do get it in your eyes and wash any area it contacts with you thoroughly. Do not eat the gel.


You can watch here all our Click n Go recharging processes.

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