Any tips on how to encourage my baby to crawl?

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“My 9-month-old baby boy doesn’t crawl. If I lay him on his belly and scatter toys around he just flips himself onto his back and scoots backward/forward. Any tips on how can I encourage her to crawl?”


Kirstin W.

Try not to worry, every baby has their own strengths and learns at their own pace. You could try crawling around the room while your Bub is on their tummy to show them how it’s done.

Samantha E.

My little fella is 9.5mo and has just started to crawl/scoot along.. he started this from a sitting position rather then tummy.. he loves sleeping on his tummy but gets frustrated doing “tummy time”.. perhaps do some sitting with her and encourage that way? Good luck love 🙂 I have also heard that some babies just dont crawl and go straight to walking!

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