Baby Food Feeder – Tips and Advice

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Baby Food Feeder:

– Tips & advice!

In the early years, there is no denying that your bundle of joy is utterly dependent on you. Although this is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming time, it is still very joyous. You are the one to take care of your baby’s every need.

One of the first experiences that your baby will have in gaining independence is when it comes to introducing solids. But thanks to the Cherub Baby Food Feeder, it has becomes easier to feed solid foods to your little one.

Unlike breastmilk or formula, your baby must learn how to chew foods so that they are able to swallow safely.  With only a handful of little teeth and no molars, there is a high risk that instead of chewing their food, your baby could bite off a larger chunk of food and end up choking on it. This is a terrifying prospect for any parent. Luckily, there is a great tool that allows babies to gain independence by learning new tastes and how to chew their food safely.

The Cherub Baby Food Feeder works by placing fruits, vegetables or ice in a mesh bag which your baby can suck and chew. The pieces of food or ice that your baby can ingest will only be as large as the small holes in the mesh net. This mesh net ensures that there are no large pieces that your baby can choke on.

How does a baby FOOD feeder teach your baby how to chew?

Mesh feeder nets for babies allow for better oral development. They encourage sensory exploration all around your baby’s mouth, not just the front of the mouth like most teething toys.  It is great for developing the strength of your baby’s jaw. Plus it can eventually be used for tougher foods such as apples or carrots. These fresh food feeders are also ideal for introducing new tastes of fruit and vegetables to fussy first solid eaters. Additionally, since it comes with an ergonomic handle, it encourages babies to grab and hold objects to improve dexterity.

Not only does the Cherub Baby Food Feeder encourage proper chewing, but it also provides great relief for sore gums and teething pain. Just place some ice or cold frozen fruits and vegetables into the mesh feeder net. Then close the tamper resistant net seal and give it to your baby for fast relief.


You might think that such a contraption would lead to a massive mess. However, thanks to the tamper-resistant net seal, the capable mesh net and the BPA free safety hygiene cover, the Cherub Baby Food Feeder is a neat way for your child to feed themselves.However, you might want to place your baby in a high chair if they will be consuming something that contains a lot of juice.

The maintenance of the baby mesh feeder is a breeze. Just take the unit apart and inspect the net. Check for any signs of wear, then wash it before and after use with warm water and soap.

The Cherub Baby Food Feeder comes in 4 new colours and each Feeder comes with 3 spare nets to last your baby until he or she masters chewing and moves onto the next great challenge.  Always supervise your baby while he or she is using the baby food feeder or eating and drinking in general. And remember to replace the nets should they show signs of wear.

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