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" The Cherub Natritherm car bottle warmer is just so handy. I simply plug it into my car cigarette lighter and pop the bottle in and it heats my bottle in no time. The heatcell wrap band fits snugly all the way around the bottle so it heats evenly. I don’t know how we went out without it. "  Darcy,  Virginia, USA

" The Click ‘N' Go made life just that little bit simpler. It would be great for family camping trips, weekends away and car trips. It is dad proof and I would recommend the Click ‘N’ Go Bottle Warmer for busy families on the go. Ours will continue to get a lot of use.  "  Hayley,  Australia

" This Breast Pump was purchased to help ease my engorgement in the early days until my milk settled down. The pump is quick and easy to assemble, comfortable and light to use with one hand. The Natripump adaptor shield is fantastic in assisting let down. The suction is gentle enough to not cause any damage to the nipples or breast but strong enough to express milk effectively and is easy enough to pull apart for full sterilisation.  "  Katherine,  Northern Territory, Australia

" I love the large size, ziplock system and the stand up base. As a mum to six month old twins I have already been through the other major brands of freezer bags and these are by far the most practical and easiest to use. "  Katy H.,  South Australia

" I bought the Cherub Complete Kit and completely love it. The breast pump and all my feeding accessories fit tidily in the stylish black travel bag including all the extra bottles I need. Plus the breast pump accessories and bottles fit perfectly into the Steriliser. The Natriclean system on the steriliser really works too. All the polluted water got trapped in the catcher so only the clean water was sterilising my baby’s bottles.  "  Melinda,  Victoria, Australia

" I have one of the Click n go bottle warmers it is the best thing I have ever brought! "  Rebecca H.,  Australia

" I bought the cherub natritherm car bottle warmer and baby one step home bottle warmer for my daughter and her first child. My daughter uses the new self sterilizing PUR bottles which fit both car and home warmers. They are absolutely fabulous and heat quickly and efficiently. The home bottle warmer is ideal for the night time feeds as there is no waiting time when you put it on before going to bed and then the bottle is ready when baby wakes in the early hours. The bottle warmer comes to grandma's and is a real help as there is no waiting for the milk to warm – just put on before feed is due and you have it ready when needed. These products are so easy to use by everyone and it is reassuring that the milk won't be over heated. Fantastic products which I would highly recommend to every new mum. "  Sally C.,  Victoria, Australia

" After beginning the journey with some concerns of how Anthony would travel I have to say we had a very positive experience and I believe Anthony’s well fed tummy made all the difference. I am looking forward to future use of the bottle warmer when going on picnics and camping! It now has a permanent home in my glove box so I have it at all times. Thank you Cherub Baby for such a great product! "  Tammy,  Australia

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