Reusable Food Pouches

Why Choose Cherub Baby Reusable Baby Food Pouches?

Cherub Baby Food Pouches are an Australian First! The product has a registered approved patent, designed in Australia specifically for Aussie Families to store homemade baby food, yoghurt and fruit purees. Available in a Baby Food Pouch 10pk with bonus spoon and also a Food Pouch value 20pk. Each refillable food pouch is clear so you can easily see the contents and there is a space to record the date and name of your food for easy freezer and fridge storage. They are reusable several times or can easily be disposed of when traveling with your baby or toddler. Designed for solid feeders, 6 months and older.

These handy, squeezable food pouches integrate with other Cherub Baby Solid Feeding Products and Accessories which make up our entire Fresh Food Feeding System.

Ideas For Using Cherub Baby Food Storage Pouches:

Simply pour in home made baby food, or store bought baby food and you can store in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to serve. No more mess and no more glass jars!

Home made juices, cordial and smoothies are easily stored and frozen in our pouches. Great for making large batches on the weekend for the busy working week! Great for the kids' drinks at the footy too!

Shampoo, Conditioner, Sanitizer, Sunscreen and other liquid toiletries that you may buy in bulk can be stored in these little pouches, and work out great for traveling interstate.

Store your jams and condiments for your next camping trip!

Storing and serving yoghurt mess free. This is a very economical option for busy families!


Easy storage of soups and dips. Can be frozen and/or heated in the microwave… Great for portion control!

Food Pouch Accessories


1. Colour Change Food Pouch Spoons are a convenient way to serve baby food directly from the pouches without any mess!

2. The Food Pouch Warmer & Cooler is an easy way to heat up or cool the contents of your food pouch any time, anywhere! No batteries or power required.

3. The Natriblend Steamer, Blender, Bottle Warmer & Steriliser is four machines in one. Save space & prepare your own healthy baby food today!



“Are they reusable?”

Yes, Cherub Baby Food Pouches are reusable, however we do suggest disposing of the baby food pouches after 5-6 uses.

“What is the best way to clean these reusable food pouches?

The best way to clean the reusable food pouch is to wash with warm soapy water before rinsing and place upside down on a drying rack to dry. Alternatively you can use the top shelf of the dishwasher.

“Are they BPA Free?”

Yes, all of our Cherub Baby Food Pouches are completely BPA Free. Cherub Baby leads the industry in safe and environmentally friendly products and provides a range of BPA free range to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals found in many feeding products. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a harmful and potentially hormone interrupting chemical that we don't want to let growing babies and children come in contact with.

“Are they freezer safe?”

Because these pouches are a refillable baby food pouch, they have a ziplock airtight seal and can therefore be stored in the freezer, refrigerator or a cooler bag. They also come with a label system so you can store multiple food pouches in the freezer at one time, perfect for homemade baby food recipes!

“How do I feed baby from the pouches?”

Firstly, decide on the food to insert into the pouches. This can be anything from yoghurt to store bought baby food, or you could even make your own! Simply, cut or tear off the safety seal along the top of the baby food pouch. They are conveniently pre sterilised so you can begin inserting the food. The pouches will self stand by pulling the two sides of the pouch apart at the bottom. You can then pour baby food into storage pouch ensuring not to overfill, before sealing the bag closed. You can mark the date and time on the bag, or label it with a name or message, if you are freezing or refrigerating. To serve, ensure there is no excess air in the pouch, unscrew the safety seal at the spout. Give to baby, and gently squeeze pouch and baby will begin feeding. For easy, no mess feeding, simply screw the Cherub Baby food pouch spoon (sold separately) onto the spout, and squeeze pouch gently until the food comes out onto the spoon.

“What is the best way to warm the food pouches?”

There are many ways to warm food pouches. Here are a few ideas! The Cherub Baby On The Go Food Pouch Warmer is great for heating on the go! There is no need for batteries or power so you can heat anywhere. It will never get too hot to burn and will remain warm for 1 hour. Other ideas include microwaving, placing pouch into boiling water or using a Cherub Baby Electric Bottle Warmer, or even other brands.

“When should I start baby on solids?”

It is suggested to start introducing the taste of food to baby at 4-6 months old. Signs baby is ready for tasting solid foods include holding his/her head up, sitting in high chair, makes chewing motions and of course teething. It is best to start with a teaspoon or two and mix with some breast milk. Once baby gets the hang of tasting the food, increase the amount of puree and slowly decrease the amount of breast milk. Remember, it is really up to both you and your baby when the best time to start on solids.

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