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Our fantastic community of mums on Facebook often ask for advice from other mums. Here are some of our most popular questions and answers to help you too on your journey through parenthood.

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Q: When to announce pregnancy: I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure when to tell my husband, parents, my brother, and my husband's parents. I've had two miscarriages in the past - both after I told my relatives I was pregnant. Our families are coming to visit next week. Should I go ahead and tell them in person, or wait until I'm past the first trimester? I would greatly appreciate your help Mums... Click here to read answers

Q: Siblings and the arrival of a new baby: My 5-year-old and 3-year-old boys are extremely excited about the upcoming arrival of their baby brother in October. I don't want them in the delivery room for the big event, but I do want to involve them in the birth somehow. Otherwise I'm afraid they'll feel left out or jealous. It's been three years since we've had a baby in our family and he's bound to get a lot of attention. How can we involve our older kids in the baby's birth? Your suggestions are always welcome.... Click here to read answers



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