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  • Natriflow Manual Breast Pump

    • Natriflow Manual Breast PumpNatriflow Manual Breast PumpNatriflow Manual Breast PumpNatriflow Manual Breast Pump
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    Incorporating the latest cutting edge technology Cherub Baby's patented flow valve suction system provides you with the most comfortable and effective manual breast pump. The flow valve of the Natriflow™ Manual Breast Pump is inserted inside the suction cup and is designed to simulate baby's breast feeding movements. The soft silicon material ensures maximum comfort and effective suction comfortably massaging mother while she expresses.

    • Revolutionary Natriflow™ breast pump technology
    • Simple 2 step expressing process
    • Extra wide silicon breast cup
    • BPA free milk contact components 


    With the revolutionary Natriflow™ technology the Natriflow™ Manual Pump uses 2 pumping patterns to simulate babies nursing rhythm. Simply adjust the suction dial in the "flowstart" mode to the lower suction and shorter pumping motion to mimic babies initial rapid suction simulating the milk ejection reflex or start of the milk flow. Once milk begins to flow switch to the second "expression" mode turning the dial to the higher suction and longer pumping strokes mimicking the infants deeper breast feeding sucking cycle, maximising milk flow. The Natriflow™ Manual Breast Pump is the only pump on the market with breakthrough Natriflow™ technology. The extra wide breast cup fits snug and tight and accommodates breast shapes comfortably. Its patented design ensures no air gaps for an effective expressing experience encouraging speedy milk flow.


    Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:

    • After use simply close the handle and flick the lock safe switch for compact and tidy storage
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Steriliser safe
    • Included bottle fits most other standard neck teats
    • Compatible with most major brand bottles, both Standard and Wide neck 


    Included in the box:

    • Natriflow™ Breast Pump
    • 150ml BPA Free polypropylene Natribottle
    • Standard Neck Slow Flow Teat
    • Instruction Manual 

     The product comes with 12 month warranty.


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