About Us

Cherub Baby is one of Australia’s favourite baby feeding brands offering safe, innovative, reliable and affordable child care products. We pride ourselves on being 100% Australian owned with stockists in all Australian states as well as North America, South America, a number of countries in Asia and many parts of Europe.

As you start your journey with your baby you need products that you trust, this is why all of our products are BPA free and CE certified. Making our entire range BPA Free is just one of the ways that we help to keep babies safe and give you peace of mind. 

Our holistic range of innovative fresh food feeding products, reusable food pouches, food pouch spoons, food pouch warmers, breast milk storage bags, glass baby bottles, teats and more make feeding and baby care a safe and easy option.

Keep a close eye on new product releases as we continue to bring new products to the market throughout the year, keeping our product range fresh and exciting and most of all giving parents better solutions that make life easier.

We place innovation alongside safety as our core values.

Check out our Click n Go Travel Bottle Warmer and On the Go Food Pouch Warmer that can be reused hundreds of times so you don’t have to find a power point or batteries, or our Car Bottle and Food Warmer for long drives.  Our Digital Dummy Thermometer and multi-award winning Infrared Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer allows for easy, 1 second temperature readings. These are some of the smartest baby products on the market.

But this approach to our products isn’t just smart: it’s safer. Other products such as our Colour Change Glass Bottles let you know at a glance that the milk is too hot for baby, and our Microwave Steam Sterilising Bags allow you to sterilise anywhere.  

We hope you and your baby love our products, we certainly do. We love hearing suggestions, so if you have an idea on how to make baby care safer, easier or more fun let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Safety at Cherub Baby

Safety is our number one priority at Cherub Baby. Our entire range of bottles, teats, breast milk storage bags, steriliser bags and all components that come in direct contact with the breast milk, formula or baby food are BPA, lead, nitrosamines, phthalates and PVC Free. We support leading medical and scientific research that BPA contributes to health issues in later life and that especially babies and children should be protected from these harmful compounds.

We have also developed products that keep baby safe from other hazards. Our Colour Change Glass Bottle uses a silicon sleeve that changes colour if the contents of the bottle get above 42 degrees centigrade, providing just that extra bit of security. We have also designed a sterilising bag that can be used in a microwave so sterilising from harmful bacteria is even easier. Our Infrared Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer also lets you accurately and easily measure baby’s temperature letting you know as soon as possible of any problems. These are just some of Cherub baby’s products that make raising a baby safer.

Innovation at Cherub Baby

One of the ways Cherub Baby is different from our competitors is a deep rooted idea that innovation can create better, safer and more useful products. Our approach to design has seen the creation of the reusable Click n Go Travel Bottle Warmer that uses a special gel to create a reaction that creates heat, allowing you warm baby’s bottle anywhere. Our Colour Change Glass Bottles combine a colourful and excellent silicon grip with a temperature indicator to keep baby safe. Innovation has created some of the most interesting and popular products on the market and we continually strive to provide safer, more useful and better products.

Value for money

At Cherub Baby we understand that having a baby can be an expensive time, but that some products are essential. We endeavour to provide high quality products for value for money. Our products meet and often exceed industry standards while delivering outstanding quality. We have managed to build a loyal customer base that has grown our business into one of Australia’s favourite baby brands.

We also designed our products so they would be compatible with other baby brands. We want you to get the best possible products to make your life that little bit easier!

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